Battle of Karbala
A story of a sacred sacrifice
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Battle of Karbala was a monumental event in the history of Islam and one which we fail to give enough importance to.

People most dearest to Allah (swt) from Hazrat Muhammad's (pbuh) household (Ahl-ul-Bayt) sacrificed their lives for the prosperity of Islam and it is our duty to defend their honor and continue their legacy.

This site will act as a resource for gaining knowledge which will help others understand the atrocities which were conducted, what principles we can learn from it and how we can apply them as today's Muslims to garner unity and prosper Islam. InshaAllah.

We need to move away from sectarianism and instead see the fact that family of the prophet (pbuh) fought against the unlawful rule of Yazid and knowingly sacrificed themselves defending true Islam.

If there is one thing we can learn from this is that when it comes to defending the honor and values of Islam even Allah's dearest people can be dispensed, so it our duty to do the same and rise against oppression.


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